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    Qingzhou Hongxu Temperature Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

    is located in Qingzhou, one of the eastern states of China, and is the production base of water cooling pad(wet curtain paper) and wind turbines in China. The roads and railways extend in all directions and the transportation is convenient. Laid a good foundation.

    Qingzhou Hongxu Temperature Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating production, sales and after-sales service of temperature control equipment. The main products are: cooling pad (water curtain paper), air curtain fan special wet curtain paper, cooling pad fan, animal husbandry fan , greenhouse fans, industrial plant fans, circulating fans, roof ventilators, breeding radiators and other cooling equipment and breeding hot blast stoves, plumbing fans, breeding heaters, greenhouse heaters, plumbing cooling fans, greenhouse heaters and other heating equipment, this The company's products are widely used in animal husbandry, flowers, industrial plants, textiles, mining, chemical and other industries. The products are sold all over the country and are trusted by new and old customers.

    Temperature control equipment solutions
    The main products are: large-scale livestock fan, large greenhouse, negative pressure fan for factory, circulating fan, roof unpowered ventilation cooling system; cooling Jiaxing system mainly includes: wet curtain, wet curtain deflector, cooling fan, etc.; fully automatic coal burning (oil, electricity, gas) hot air blower, induced draft fan and other heating systems; cleaning machine, solid-liquid separator, side wind window, breeding material tower, automatic water line, material line, nest box and automatic control system.

    Agricultural greenhouse

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    Industrial plants

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    Temperature control equipment and breeding
    equipment solutions
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